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Q. Do bonus weeks transfer when I buy on the resale market?

A. Unfortunately when you purchase on the resale market Silverleaf does not allow bonus time to transfer.  However, the savings will be well worth the sacrifice as many owners can opt to exchange their time for a more convenient time of year.

Q. Why should I buy a Silverleaf timeshare and how does it work?

A. Buying a timeshare can save you thousands of dollars when vacationing. A vacation property at a luxury resort will serve all your families vacation needs for an entire week. Timeshare weeks can be reserved at your home resort, or can be traded to other resorts through an exchange company.

Q. What Types of Resorts are Available Through Silverleaf?

A. Silverleaf Resorts offer a variety of luxury suites near major cities and popular golf, ski, and sunny beach destinations! Most resorts feature impressive on site amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, restaurants and children’s play areas.

Q. How Many guests can a 2- and a 3-bedroom suite sleep.

A. Any 2-bedroom suite will typically sleep 4 to 6 people, while 3 bedroom suites are huge, with the ability to comfortably sleep 8 to 10 people.