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Silverleaf Resorts opened their first seven time share resort destinations in 1989 in Texas and Missouri.  Silverleaf grew significantly with a focus on building many of its resorts in lesser known destinations that are located within a day’s driving distance to high density urban areas such as St. Louis and Chicago.  Silverleaf time share owners and renters might recognize these types of resort destinations as Silverleaf’s Getaway Resorts.  Silverleaf time share owners and renters love their ownership because the resort destinations are within driving distance, thus decreasing the costs associated with vacations, and the increase by Silverleaf of blending timeshare and RV destinations under similar ownership programs has gained a significant Silverleaf time share ownership.

Another popular Silverleaf Resort program is Endless Escapes, which is a bonus program that is included in most deeds recorded before 2001. It allows owners to request up to 6 nights based on availability and only within the same season as the deeded ownership.

Internal Exchange may be made within the same owner resort classification, unit type and color-time schedule, but is based on availability and ownership criteria. Getaway resort owners may request an exchange at other Getaway resorts while Destination resort owners may request an exchange to both Getaway and Destination resorts.

Some Silverleaf resorts also have onsite campgrounds. Timeshare owners are allowed to use the campground sites free of charge based on reservation and availability, but cannot occupy a campground site at the same time they are using a timeshare villa.

Some of the Silverleaf time share resorts and destinations that are most popular on the Silverleaf time share resale market are:

Silverleaf’s Villages – Flint, Texas (Dallas & Ft Worth), Silverleaf’s Seaside – Galveston, Texas (Houston), Silverleaf’s Ozark Mountain – Kimberling City, Missouri (Branson), Silverleaf’s Orlando Breeze – Davenport, Florida (Orlando), Silverleaf’s Oak N’ Spruce (Boston & NY), Silverleaf’s Holly Lake Ranch – Holly Lake Ranch, Texas (Dallas & Ft Worth), Silverleaf’s Holiday Hills – Branson, Missouri, Silverleaf’s Hill Country – Canyon Lake, Texas (San Antonio & Austin), Silverleaf’s Fox River – Sheridan, Illinois, Silverleaf’s Apple Mountain – Clarkesville, Georgia, Silverleaf Timber Creek – Desoto, Missouri, Silverleaf Piney Shores – Conroe, Texas (Dallas & Ft Worth), Silverleaf Lake O’ The Woods – Flint, Texas (Dallas & Ft Worth), and Silverleaf Pinnacle Lodge – Fraser, CO.

Silverleaf has a history of maintaining pet-friendly policies for time share owners, as a golden time share destination rule of thumb, Silverleaf time share owners and renters should always contact the front desk of the destination resort a week prior to travel, thus ensuring your plans and the resort policies are most up to date; particularly regarding pet policies, RV parking, and reservation procedures.

A Silverleaf time share resale or rental is no more than a click or phone call away.  Silverleaf time share resales are a great way to enjoy the features and convenience of a Silverleaf destination without paying the premiums of buying or renting Silverleaf time share resort direct.

Discover a Silverleaf Timeshare

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If you are looking for an affordable way to follow your favorite events across the country, or simply want to vacation for less with the whole family, Silverleaf Resorts are always close to the action with tranquility and luxury found in every suite.  For owners looking to sell Silverleaf timeshares, you have found the leading resale provider in the industry. Generations of timeshares owners have toiled with finding the reliable company that is equipped to sell their timeshare. The success of our experienced staff has helped thousands sellers to take control of their vacation property and get them sold on the resale market.

Our proven marketing strategies have been matching buyers and sellers for over a decade, providing cash income for owners and an inexpensive timeshare vacation for the consumer.  When you sell your timeshare, you get the total amount! There is no commission or closing costs associated with our services. Silverleaf Resorts are steadily becoming the foremost name in timeshare ownership with unique resorts and convenient locations one to two hours outside of major metropolitan areas.  Built around Silverleaf’s four distinguishing characteristics, value, variety, convenience and flexibility, are found in every vacation experience.  Unbeatable value in country club memberships and premium resorts are available at prices never before available online!

We can help you sell, rent, or buy a Silverleaf resort fast and affordably by working with specialists that are experienced and dedicated to getting you the best deal.  These are sought-after timeshare resorts with a desirable exchange program. With half the cost, you can double your vacation experience by splitting your time amongst several resorts.  Silverleaf Resorts are committed t bringing you value, variety, convenience and flexibility. These key factors are built into every facet of a Silverleaf resort.  There are a variety of amenities, programs and activities available to you with stunning resorts scattered through Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Massachusetts and Florida, we have something for everyone.

There are 13 magnificent resorts we operated by Silverleaf, with the Silverleaf Exchange Program.   Hike the Ozark Mountains, swim the Gulf of Mexico or ski at various mountain resorts available.  With Silverleaf’s Bonus Time program, you will be able to take advantage of available space at any of their breathtaking resorts.  To take advantage of a Silverleaf ownership without paying the extreme developer prices, buy directly from the owner and you’ll pay a percentage of the original cost! See what Silverleaf Resorts are available to you today!